America The Free

Land of gold

A workers paradise

That's what we stood for

Working hard with all our might


People from all over the precious globe

Trying to start a new

They knew it would not be easy

But as long as the oppurtunity was true


They didn't know the welcome they would recieve

The names, the bans, the speak of a wall

The hate crimes on Muslims, Blacks, Gays, Trans, Mexicans

Welcome to America, Freedom to All.


Change these nativist ways

For ignorance is not bliss

Exlcluding those who can make us great again

Truly would be a great miss


Stand up to the crime

Together we have a shot

I believe in our great country

So let us strive for diverse excellence, ready or not.


This poem is about: 
My family
My country
Our world


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