The Perfect Picture

One thing I just could not live without?

A picture of my family, without a doubt.

All of us, all four, plus the dog.

Our smiles bright, clear, out of the fog.


Some may ask, why not take them with you?

You wouldn’t feel alone, you wouldn’t feel blue.

This is true.

But let me ask you.


What happens when someone you love, may die?

Does their soul go up into the sky?

The thought of it might make you cry.

But why?


This leads me to know what is true.

If any of my family died on the island,

I would feel sadder than blue.

I wouldn’t be able to handle it in front of me, could you?


A picture is engraved in your memory.

Something that in your mind, can forever be seen.

Your mind wouldn’t disintegrate into the green,

Do you see?


So you ask me, again.

You would only bring a picture?

Yes, my friend.

I would stare at the picture over and over again.


The picture is true.

The smiles of all of us would bring me out the blue.

It would keep me going, on the island.

Physically alone, but mentally I am with them.


A captured memory of what was,

Can make me feel like it’s what it is.

I cannot live without the memories of my family.

The picture would help that memory last forever, within.

This poem is about: 
My family


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