A letter to my mother

Our time together was just an instant

It doesn't matter how distant

I have been told a lot about hearts

As if you saw love as a game of darts

Some people will get close to the center

But none will hit the direct middle and enter

This game we call love

you said to let your heart go like a dove

Because we can't keep things

You have to let them have wings

I remember waking up at 2

Wondering what we will do

As we got in the car and went adventure to the river

As I shivered

Because it was Alaska and it was cold

Doesn't matter how old

No matter what your age you would have been taken to soon

I remember that noon

Waiting for you at the school

Wanting to go to the pool

I remember looking at the sun

Not knowing what God had done

I think about you a lot

In the timeline of my life you are the knot

Where I stopped to cry

Not ever getting up to dry

I drenched myself in tears

It's better than trying to fix depression with beers

I am not like you,

I don't know what to do

I was never strong for myself

And that was never good for my health

Every time I am called your name

I feel a little bit of shame

Because it should be you here

Not me deer,

I have dreams of you

Where we go and do

All the mistakes of my youth

Like when I lost my first tooth

I will always love you

and I know you love me to.

Your love is something I have never known

By the time I was grown

You had already been gone ten years

Through all those fears.


This poem is about: 
My family


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