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  at the edge of the world I stand and take in the spray of waves on my face the expanding sky   at the edge of the ocean I wait for a sign
it is time again to be grappling at being free again I must be coming down the path in which I wear the crown for with it comes, the waves of pain they've come to haunt me once again
Diamonds displayed on black velvet- the jeweler knows the importance of showcasing such sharp contrasts. ( It is the inky darkness that highlights each gem's inner fire...)
There is only one way to love.  We work and work and still we fail Taking our breaks and trying to resolve  Only to leave each other and devolve  We're cheated and hurt, hoping for someone  Different. 
Hark! they whispered, those dryads in the trees And all throughout the woodlands I felt disease. Plucking little white flowers, I twirled them between my fingers
New world, new faces, new things to see, All over are people, people like me. "No, they're different," I hear from above. "Like these two men here, they don't know love.
Sitting in the dark. Dreams vivd. If only they were from the milk drank or the cheese eaten. Much, much deeper in the soul, it leeches. Somehing of a scratch it was.
I've come to fear the hours of 7 to 9, as they bring with them gray and mournful moments. They bring longing and foggy loneliness from outside, most days.  
TRANSFORMATION Transformation. Where developmental stages cascade into adolescence.  It molds our countries, comunities, and our families. Our values, transform our future.   
Head down in a book, Hiding my braces, Fearing they may look, Always so abrasive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Head high like a rook, Not afraid of their gazes, Have them by the hook,
I wish you could truly see me, Before you saw the vessel that carries me. I wish my heart would introduce itself,  Before you knew my name. I wish you’d feel my soul before you laid beside me. 
Smoldering, burning, turning Take it out start hammering, shaping and cooling
It was the same scene time after time, had me wishing i could fast forward or rewind and make it all go away, but I can't .... so it's all here to stay. A new day was a new nightmare,
Only "I love you" I hear is from my daughter Trapped in a predicament Now I am manifesting Goodbye days I yearned  to be over Goodbye lovely moments that exist
Unang gabi sa huling sandali Nag-aagaw ang ilaw at dilim Katahimika'y namamayani. Nakatayo sa gilid ng bangin Isang hakbang tungo sa libingan Nakapikit ngunit nakatingin.
Hatred Anger "I'm giving up."  Reflection. Expansion. "I'll be better." 
(LOW) I call this transformation This is Transformation This is Transformation growing from seeds Of beauty Where the pith of self has been blown
It's inevitable that at some point in life, we all become cold, whether it's for a week or a lifetime, we become cold.    But what is being cold? Being cruel? Sad? Distant? It's subjective to each and every individual.   
Fallen Shoulders Once Raised High Gardens Growing Up like Vines Flower fields place their Roots Deep within the Spine they Loop Beneath Between Around About The Cord that Dances Up to the Crown.
You’ve changed.That’s what they keep telling me. You’ve… changed. Of course,you’re right.I’m not thevulnerable,young girlI used to be.
I sit in my castle, Watching. Waiting. Time is a precious thing, especially When measured by the falling of rose petals.   Rain patters on my patio, How I wish it would wash away
The alternating movement from racket to racket. Anxiety flooding her body to achieve the goal of winning. Shoes squeak like mice
When the universe was arranged, All creation from a bang, Every grain, Every cell, Every atom flew out. And like all matter careened about,
Tucked away, hidden. Secluded in the darkness. Wearing the silence like the skin that covers my body. Hardened like an icy glacier. I was the night. I was broken.
Fuck. ... ... ... Might as well start this With my best foot forward. Do you want the story? Emotional exploring? A lot has happened In the last 20 years. ... ... ... Relatively so.
The mirror highlights the differences From the polaroid on the wall Of a man undriven, sad but unwilling Enslaved to his own weakness   Sharp words and cruel tongues Ignited the crucible long overdue
Hello old friend, Can you believe my arrival is right around the bend? I hoped you missed me Cause I missed you I even turned blue   Don't worry I've been fine
If I was an instrument Just currently crafted As I am    The old sounds would come from my fresh body  And startle those near   My simple, small, structure
Born in Nebraska, raised in Omaha, just a small town girl with wild dreams
My name is Jahmire, I'm at a point in my life where I must face my fears and remove  the bitter taste of tears. Time to look in the mirror, emotionally see things clearer, finish my intellectual and moral education and be something pure.
Beast   Ego sum bestiam. I, I am the beast. I am no one’s keeper.  
I will look upon a normal tree, Robust trunk and swinging leaves, Then realize I wanted a flower. I’ll tell myself it could be one, Then it is, the transformation done, Less of a tree with each passing hour.
Falling slowly into the unknown 
Before you try to silence me, judge me Before you treat my story with negativity
I wanted lavender walls to enlighten the pain while walking through the door Stained glass windows to add color to dull days Tan carpet that felt soft on all the rough skin it touched
If you could be the next thing you see Would you do it? Would you take your chances as a bumble bee Or would you rather just forget it?    Life is too short to stay the same Even if you're great.
Clawing at destructible walls, priding on the hopes for my heavy fall By acute bitter fruit, on the Eve of my success Pulling like a magnetic field for the break in my shield...of faith
Just get over it, she said. Were these words simply a cruel joke? I never expected to hear them From the walking medical degree in a lab coat. Shouldn’t you be smarter than that? I wanted to scream.
            She went for a swim. When the sun was high and vicious and scalded the ground she walked on, she went for a swim.
Sitting on the warm hard tiles engulfed with water and soap Pondering about life and all of its hope The water stops and the door swings open Only to reveal a provoking commotion
In this world of constant change and revelation Students everywhere are disengaged from their education Forced to complete mundane assignments  That bury their creativity and excitement 
I’ve only got one life to live And for too long I’ve lived covered in sin.
I lived to walk among the scenes Of people walking by. I lived to hear the mother's scream And hear the baby's cry. I lived to lend my helping hand Until one day I saw The thing I could not understand
1. I am a princess. I am a mommy's girl Innocent and preppy and loved by my family. I am done with baby bottles, But only barely. I am still a child.   2. I am an Arizona girl.
It’s the beginning Born the same, life is simple Why would there be hate? But the winds change Clouds turn black with jealousy And the cold descends Eyes stare with hatred
Everyone growsThe more we learn the more me fearThe unknown casts a shadowWhere do we go from here?
This is a monotone spectrum, waving in and about our minds, releasing emotions and making us feel. I fear we are the same, each and every day.
Quizzical mindhushed and hiddenlie within the shadows. Everyone is prepping forthe live broadcast.The premieres set oncethe sun plants itselfon to the night sky Not gently woven--Plucked.
Traveling the heartless tunnel, where I must defend, Where I must pace slowly, The Raging Wolf snarls in my glittered path. Muting the song of heartbreak with his temper, His seductiveness and lust-
Rain forms on her skin and falls upon the ground Each step, each breath, a labor—they see her, try. Panting, struggling, doing her best not to be “this” They see her now, she cries inside—embarrassed.  
Gotta go truckin’ some novacane Watch this paranoia hurricane Blow this fuckin static pain away Red razor sharp pain away Whose thy hand taketh pain away? Twitch my aches sail the sea of sane
In the depths of the heart lies a sunrise and a sunset. In the wonders of the mind lies a thin line that separates them. Attempting to fill yourself with love, Hatred consumes us by the betrayal of those we once loved.
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