My name is Jahmire, I'm at a point in my life where I must face my fears and remove  the bitter taste of tears. Time to look in the mirror, emotionally see things clearer, finish my intellectual and moral education and be something pure. There's a light in my heart, a spark in my mind, my purpose on Earth  is what I'm committed to find, my elders I admire, the youth I want to inspire to set their ideas of success to a plateua that climbs higher and higher. Ambition burns like a fire that can't be quenched. I hear voices saying the World is beyond helping I am not convinced. I need financial assistance to help in my persistence in becoming an agent of change at this very instant. I am Jahmire, a lion that's forming, ready to shake off the irrational chains of fear that bring darkness and wake up to a bright new morning.


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