I Became

It was the same scene time after time,
had me wishing i could fast forward or rewind
and make it all go away,
but I can't .... so it's all here to stay.
A new day was a new nightmare,
Came to the point I couldn't even look in the mirror
Because no body looking back, drives you insane
Stuck in the game, a monster i became.

A monster I became, lost who I was
Like a blurry picture everything a fuzz
In the fast lane with no brakes
A lurking shadow that takes & takes
A consuming creature on the rise
Traveling alone with a pack of lies
Isolation he sought, unaware of
Angels in the skys.
Nothings coincidental, it's all fate
Gods always on time..........
But I'm always late.

Because when your traveling way off road
Going way to fast causing more pain running from the past.
Shackled hands with no key, how can I hide?
Im hiding from me.
It won't let up, this guilt, this shame
Father remove my short comings
Give back my name
Break free no longer bound a monster destroyed
My soul, I've found.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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