They told me, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I never believed it.

This is a monotone spectrum, waving in and about our minds, releasing emotions and making us feel.

I fear we are the same, each and every day.

We don’t put emphasis on the concepts that truly matter; we are losing ourselves and spiraling on the way down.

I don’t see a safety net. Who will catch me when the darkness swallows me up and destroys me whole?

There is too much to say, but the words coming from within are all that we have left.

I swear this.

You and I, we must put more into what is coming out of us.

Do you see that the days are getting shorter? The seasons are fading. When the mundane days take hold of us, we are essentially void of the seconds that seemed to be everywhere.

We can’t float away; we cannot be taken from all that we deserve.

I begin to lose myself when I need to preach the right melodies and make you feel what I’m feeling.

This is what it’s come down to.

I need to say hello; she wants to open the window and breathe some fresh air.

It is suffocating, this life that is thrown in our faces.

So, all that lives and exists,

 the corruption of this desolate world


                                         each and every ray of breath from your insides,

                                                                           it must go on.

It must exceed all that has dragged us down.

He is at a loss. I fear we all are.

The way in which the words curve throughout this page, they must reignite a spark in you that has been dwelling underneath the dirt and rocks.

Do not let them weigh you down. We are just beginning to breathe.

We are now beginning to change.

“There is more beyond this,” he told me. And I knew he wasn’t lying. 


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