Surrounded by a crowd of people,
Yet it felt like it was only me,
I was a puzzle piece that didn't fit,
To them I was a demon amongst angels,
I was a just a child thirsty for knowledge,
But I was seen as a savage beast thirsty for blood,
Why am I treated like this,
What's wrong with me,
The same questions repeated in my head,
I looked at myself in the mirror,
And I started to see the monster they saw me as,
It was like the devil himself was staring into my eyes,
It's me,
I'm the problem,
My color,
My culture,
Soon the injections they force into my skin started to flow,
The disease that was once blocked by my difference,
Is now the very essence of who I am,
The people that I once called family,
Have now become the people I despise,
The crowd starts to close in on me,
The hands that once pushed me away,
Are now  wrapping around me like a boa,
Making me feel apart of the crowd,
Yet the arms around me don't comfort me,
I drop to the ground with my hands in my face,
And the sun that once shined on me,
Is now covered by the dark clouds of depression,
My mouth could not explain the pain,
So my clouds started to rain,
Letting down the tears my eyes refused to let go,
The cold rain splatters on my back,
Then it stops,
I look Up to see a person holding an umbrella over me,
He looks like the devil,
Yet he's not evil,
He's stopping the tears of my pain,
But why,
He's the devil,
He kneels down on one knee,
Looking into my soul and says,
Este no eres tu,
Usted permito qué les permite reducir tu cultura,
Hermano toma mi mano,
So that I can cure the disease in you known as hatred,
Let me show you that you are not alone,
That you will always have tus gente en tu sangre,
And your gente Will always be there for you,
It is time for the world to be together,
For the people to stand hand to hand,  
That's when the crowd begins to shift,
They move behind me standing next to each other,
Looking like a box of crayons,
And the once polluted air begins to disappear,
Remember this hermano,
Because one day it will be you who cures the disease in someone,
As I did to you.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world
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