A Life Marked by Change

1. I am a princess.

I am a mommy's girl

Innocent and preppy and loved

by my family.

I am done with baby bottles,

But only barely.

I am still a child.


2. I am an Arizona girl.

I am growing up fast

Crazy and hipster and loved 

to death by my friends.

I am done with dresses and country,

But only barely.

I am still a princess.


3. I am the new girl.

I have changed for the worse

Quiet and emo and loved

By...no one.

I am done with pink and horses,

But only barely.

I am still an Arizona girl.


4. I am me...I think.

I am better now; happier.

Fast and a tomboy and loved

By friends who are sisters.

I am done with worries and tears,

But only barely.

I am still the new girl.


5. I am tired of labels. 

I'm ready; I've been freed.

Unsure but loved anyway

By God.

I am done braving it on my own,

But only barely.

I am still me. 


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