Can't fight this unusual transformation


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In the depths of the heart lies a sunrise and a sunset.
In the wonders of the mind lies a thin line that separates them.

Attempting to fill yourself with love,
Hatred consumes us by the betrayal of those we once loved.

Dragging us to the shadows beneath the moonlight in deep consumption.

Silently drowned in excruciating pain.
There is no gain.

Righteousness is no longer an option.

The entrance of our thoughts is blocked by retaliation and vengeance.

Is there no exit?
It's like i'm trapped in anklets.

Swept of my feet,
Enchanted with my sin.

Suddenly, My ears disturbed by thunder.
Blinded by wonder;
pure radiance and power.

For the light seems brighter when the night is darker.

This flame is rare,non like it!
I try to hide it!

An anomaly that changes your heart.
Love conquers, hatred is forgotten.

Transforms even if you fight it.

I'm just a inmate feeling so misfit.
Far from deserving these benefits!

It is the love of a caring father and his merciful grace.
Just no disgrace;liberating ,breaking chains.

With sunset comes the sunrise.

Now day by day I get an update and all i hear is
" You are the perfect candidate!"

(1 john 1:7)



Everyone comes to a point where we feel trapped, feeling stuck at the dead end of a maze but that is when we find his free grace! It's up to us if we want a update and receive the everlasting benefits ;)

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