We Are Human Beings Not Industrial Machines


In this world of constant change and revelation

Students everywhere are disengaged from their education

Forced to complete mundane assignments 

That bury their creativity and excitement 

Trapped in a system of intellectual conformity

Their various talents are left to atrophy

In a system of uniformity and standardization

They are drained of their creativity and imagination

In this world of talent and diversity

Many are unqualified in the eyes of the university

A culture that favors academic performance

Over intellectual qualities of equal importance

Such a narrow view of intelligence

Overlooks the beauty of human elegance

The dominant culture of standardized testing

Is causing more problems than it's addressing

Personalized education is the best thing

Raise the status of the teaching profession

Finland has already learned this important lesson

Support and invest in treating teachers as professionals

They are teaching the new generations of intellectuals

Create a curriculum that offers dynamic and diverse possibilities

And students will amaze you with their talents and abilities

One size does not fit all

Disenthrall yourself from this idea

Because we are human beings

Not industrial machines



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