I’ve only got one life to live

And for too long I’ve lived covered in sin.

Buried in pain, memories, and regret.

Now it’s time to let go

To move on,

To go towards the Son.

Where pain is healed and painfully memories gone.

Where regret is merely a word.

Where I can walk with the mighty one.

For too long I’ve lived covered in sin,

Now it’s time for my life to truly begin.

It’s time to finally bring him praise.

To sing and shout his name.

For he alone can take away all shame.

He sees her heart, he sees his pain.

He sees all the broken remains.

Of the lives torn and the bloodshed.

For he shed his own blood, and broke his own body

For the sake of the people who had long ago forsaken him

He did this for me and he did for you.

Now all we have to do is say “God I need you.”

To take away the pain

The torment

The shame.

I want to finally shout your name.

For all to see and all to hear.

Starting today I want the old me to disappear.

For too longed I’ve lived covered in sin

And now it’s time for my life to truly begin.

This isn’t joke, it’s not a pun.

I need the holy one.

I know I’ve got change and I know it may not always be fun.

I know that this path is a

lonely one.


But I know it’s the only one for me.

And I hope that it will be the only one for you.

That you will follow the holy one too.

For too longed we’ve lived covered in sin and now it’s time for our lives to truly



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