fresh start

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In case you didn’t notice, you are getting distracted again, By these people who keep letting you down when you thought they were your friends.
And just like that, you feel like you are finally free, From all of the chains that have been holding me. The ones that have been keeping me tied to the ground,
You think of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, and it seems like such a beautiful thing. You don’t think deeply about all of the pain and suffering that change can bring.
After being broken so many times, the pieces never fit together quite the same, And you want to blame everyone else, but you know that you are the only one you can truly  blame.
How do you keep going when you feel so lost? How much are you willing to sacrifice for what you want? What will be the cost? How do you keep going when it feels like nothing is going right?
I am upset with myself because it took me so long, To realize that I have been approaching the situation completely wrong. I never understood why it was taking me so long to do this,
You broke me, And there were so many pieces of myself that I was no longer able to see. But with every piece that I picked up off of the floor, I was finally able to close that door.
When you tried your best, you seem to get knocked down again, And you are left there wondering if this is going to be the end. If this whole time you have been fighting for no real reason,
And as I look down, I see the blood and tears splattered all over the floor,  Because it seems like every time I try to open it, there is always someone there to close the door.
I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but I didn’t think it was going to be this hard, I didn’t think that everything you put me through was going to leave me scarred.
After years of allowing you to take up all of  my thoughts and all of my time, I am finally able to let it go and take back control of what is mine.
Just like that, we are back to square one, Having to start over, because of all of the things that were done. The things that I went through that I never talked about before,
You breaking my heart was the best thing you could have done for me, Because now it is my turn to finally focus on everything that I want to be.
After all this time, I finally realized what I need to do, And that is to let go of everything that I went through. To finally forgive you after everything that went down,
It can be so hard to let go of the past, Especially when it comes down to something that you were hoping was going to last. But the only way to move on is to finally let it go,
The cold night shining bright The stars above twinkling the wind, the sky dark and everywhere the sense of comfort so perfect and surreal the life i miss
Sometimes it is easy to get lost in the thrill of it all, And sometimes you need to remind yourself that not everyone will be there for you when you fall.
I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
I used to think that being alone was a bad thing, and that you need others to have fun, But as I am getting older, I am realizing that you don't need anyone else to get things done.
As I have gotten older, I realized a couple of things about who I am, And that is that I tend to leave a lot of how I feel about myself to other people, but I am really tired of giving a damn.
Dawn A new day starts The world is awoken The sky is painted beautifully Oh, dawn.
It seems like every time that I start to do good, there is always something that gets in the way, And no matter how hard I try, it seems like I end up failing, and I have to restart everyday.
Why do some people make it seem like when we flip the calendar everything is going to change, Because, to me, the thought of doing that has always been kind of strange.
I‘m holding the keys, I'm driving this car. Played games, pushed me way too far. I’m setting higher standards, and raising the bar. New beginning for me, mind my business from afar.
I know a lot of people who really like sunsets, but I prefer the sunrise. Because to me it is so much more than it's beauty, and the beautiful colors that it pains the skies.
come along to the new year where everyone can see a world of opportunity   the people are abuzz with new ideas of how to face their biggest fears   a chance for a do-over
My friend, you betrayed me. What relief there is in that simple statement! Your actions so entirely obliterated Your pillar of my world that your betrayal Has lost its sting and I am left without a doubt:
And in this day, I am renewed. Like a fresh spring day, with morning dew.   My heart stays compassionate, as so does my mind. But with a fresh start, leaving the past behind.
January was lovely Crisp and cool and clear December was so dreary Shrouded in mist and fear   I can’t recall what happened
The way I get up every day   With a yawn - a stretch - a scratch   Greeting the morning sun with a grimace   Reaching for the last tendrils of sleep  
Morning Wake Up! A new day! The sun shines so bright…   What time is it? 8:54…?     I have class in six minutes! Run, run, run…!          Was that due today??
I use my words because they define me Scrambled in my brain until paper sets them free I use my words because today, actions lead to manslaughter
I didn't know colors.  I thought that they were mixed,  a simple product of light,  bouncing off,  as rays.  Only the modern physics.   That's all I saw.  The calculated facts. 
I'm always so sad Someone tell me what's wrong.   They say there will come a day,
Eruptions, explosions, stars dying emitting their luminous lights that exasperate us.
Tock Tock Wash your hands.  Remember: paper, lines, game.  Paper: history, English  O.  Did I lock my car? Memorize your lines Rehearsal rehearsal rehearsal. 
Caught off guard; Shock held silent grip; A few sniffles emerged; Red cups in a fence with a bouquet Spelling the words RIP Spez. For the first time Teachers sobed openly in front
Dominicana. Y gringa. Decidete.   So I am both.
What this money means to me  Is that one day I'll succeed I'll succeed to achieve my dreams 
These days feel like half-empty sheets of paper and I don't have enough ink in my pen   My coffee has gone cold but I continue drinking, because drinking is a nervous habit of mine  
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