Poetry Saves

I use my words because they define me

Scrambled in my brain until paper sets them free

I use my words because today, actions lead to manslaughter

If at least one person listens, we'll be able to rise and protect our sons and daughters

I use my words in the form of poetry

Because I was inspired by the rap industry

Their words are the most powerful weapon

And they seem to be keeping some people from becoming felons

You don't have to rap sinful filth and grime

You can use your words to inspire and still make them rhyme

Poetry provides the perfect escape

For victims who struggle with drugs, suicide, and rape

Poetry provides a safe haven

For people trying to get away from this sickening war that's ragin

Always remember that the words you meticulously write

Can find a way to make someone's night

Maybe by providing them with comfort and love that they seek

Or by encouraging them to face the challenges of a new week

Poetry got me through the depressing years of high school

Now I'm ready to conquer the world and shine like a new jewel















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