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Lit by nature, a flame of beauty burning fiery in her eye.
in the crimson and gold,  you burn the brightest, the stories you've told, left me ignited.   the flame flickers and cracks, don't leave at dawn. i light the candle wax,
i breathe the smoke you exhale, fill my lungs with scorching embers. the gasoline left a fiery trail, your blazing temper never fails.  
I am always thinking, always contemplating problems in life I always has a thought, an opinion, or something to say Never did I falter for an answer Then one day she walked in And her eyes met mine
pink cheeks   rosy like blooms that burst when you compliment me.   you say my name   and everything else falls like petals, sinking   down   down   down.
Watching the light slowly fade from a person you love is like watching your favorite candle burn to the end of its wick.   
It burns through us all, every person on the planet. It is a fast and fearless monster. Stopping the force of the creature seems impossible.
Your flame-seared name... It burns... When I learned of you, Dear Flame, The games you play, The hearts you slay, When I found this out All thoughts of you Just went away
A single flame that burns inside you It's passion and compassion that lights your way One single flame can help guide you
Love is beautiful Love is kind Love does not hate Nor does it discriminate   It takes effort to build yet takes none to destroy Though in its purest form One can see
Sometimes The earth shakes The ground splits The heavens rumble Drastic.   Sometimes The waters drip The tide ebbs The earth erodes Slow.   I have become full
Cast away the fire throw away the flame are you growing tired? feel nothing but the pain place it on the pyre  your demons are to blame mirrors are reminders of the beast you cannot tame
Mom lights a candle A diya, a lamp I have to choose Red or blue   Voices of reason Larger, louder
As the fire grows, and you take the blows, the real fight begins. Shots coming for the outside and within. The city crumples and the shouts ring clear, all hope begins to disappear.
A flash of light and darkness covers the moor Just a little thing. A spark and nothing more But for a moment the sky ignites For only a moment Light and Darkness fight The Shadows kept at bay
Flames burned through the night They wouldn’t be put down without a fight. Determination etched off each spark Lighting up every inch of the dark.
Alone I sit in the dark, Cold, broken, torn apart. Shackled to a wall of fears, Tied down by my own tears. My voice stuck deep in my throat, I reach to grasps the words that choke,
The heat of my heart is a white-hot flame It bears my values, my views and my name Embers burn my tongue, refuse to be bound Smoke billows upwards, lost but not found  
Shimmering, Glimmering, small... Powerful yet frail... Darkness will try time and time again to swallow you whole, To no avail... Dear friend, you keep my feet planted on the Ground 
A million cities burning in my mind Send thick black smoke in pillars to the sky. The earth lets out a deep and mournful sigh, Its children turned so violent, so unkind.
Say the words you know will burn a fire within me Say the ones that you think will push me Say them. Please say them.  Becuase I promise then, I won't feel bad walking away. 
Dear lover, ​I write a lot. There are words scribbled on my palms, my arms.
How can its beauty Be not seen in the eyes? Blue at the center
I live my love aloneno freedom chimes its bells
Our love is a fire, brightly lit in the cold. As the lights around fade, the flame becomes bold. It waves         and ripples                   and grows in it's power.
I gave up a lot To pursue this love But now it seems That I was blind and dumb     I dedicated my life My entire childhood To pursue a dream
I smell the flame when I see you smile. Your jubilant charisma delights my soul. When I saw you at the trauma center, I grabbed your hand and grinned. Life is like opportunity, it only knocks on your door once.
My eyes roamed the beautiful sea of flowers.
  She Became Aflame             Shining under starlight             Creeping among the twilight             Cuts and bruises, scar your heart
One day, my shoulders will give inDefiance will admit defeat, and they willDrop, like theBone-weary man wrapped around himself, shivering in the cold.  
There is a fire      that wells inside of my stomach    A raging flame   slowly burning every inch      of my flesh as darkness settles over   inching creeping
The flames licked her side as she laid on the ground. Tears fell from her eyes. She couldn't move. Disabled rom the unforeseen fall down two flights of stairs. She knew if she did not move she wouldn't make it.
Answer me when I question you.
The ice that envelopes me is melting Yet I shiver all the while As my soul and mind returns from the brink of disaster. The hibernation of my spirit ends as flaming joy warms my frostbitten body.
Fiery arrows, bullets, shells all fly Collide with a building that cannot cry Angry flame steals away The days of the building’s sway Many times has it come through With a mighty and powerful breakthrough
  You were the devil in disguise, so my love for mystery and mischieve was sweetened. When former friends  were disgusted with your new candy coating, I grew to like your unfamiliar taste.
You jetted in and stole my heart away. Left a hole of death in its flame proof space. Leaving flesh to lay, burning and decay.   My heart was her: beauty and acid lace. You had what I wanted and did not care.
the fire cackles, laughing manically   as it leaps from branch to branchtreetop to treetop, hollow to hollow,destroying all in its wakenimbly wriggling through the dense undergrowth
A brush of color through silvered night air, Paints a dragon’s false shape, starlit shining Majesty with which no one can compare. Aurous beast, streak through the wind like lightning
She remembered the noise, the omnipresent voice Of her conscience in her head She remembered the dark, but not how it’d start The conflagration that left her for dead
In the dark of night and day, Forgotten, ghosts cry their mournful song, The ashes in their billowing plumes sway In the dark of night and day.
Don't let it go Fight the urge to die Always needing more, Reaching and fighting for more Let it burn Don't let it go Fight the urge to die
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