Tue, 08/30/2016 - 00:01 -- hlhmay

A flash of light and darkness covers the moor

Just a little thing. A spark and nothing more

But for a moment the sky ignites

For only a moment Light and Darkness fight

The Shadows kept at bay

Though they soon returned in sweet dolce

A simple spark

Gone again without a mark

But lo! The spark anew!

And it does not bid adieu

For in it the wood hath caught

The tiny spark that was for naught

The spark that sparked a flame

And the Shadows it did claim

Nurtured and cherished the little flame grew

Giving warmth to all it knew

‘Till one fateful day

Fire was left to play

No longer watched or minded

The Moor it courted

Fire’s devastating caress

Stripped it with finesse

Passionate flame stood burning

Nay, not stood. For it was dancing!

Entrancing the world whilst around them it burned. 

It’s graceful reach ravenously yearned

For trees to stroke, for grass’ embrace

Heedless of the dangerous chase

For when the earth is black and charred

With Fire at last deterred

It breaths its last and lives no more.

Yet buried in the ashes of the one time Moor

Embers still flicker

Warning of the danger

Brought about by just a spark

That wanted to leave its mark.


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