Fire Fire Flaming Desire


The ice that envelopes me is melting

Yet I shiver all the while

As my soul and mind returns

from the brink of disaster.

The hibernation of my spirit ends

as flaming joy warms my frostbitten body.

Yet I still suffer in the fire’s grasp

I’m going to burn myself with desire

if I’m not careful.

Yet I love the heat and the fiery zest

that flares within my heart again.

Red passion, orange inhibition, yellow delight

destroy the blue bite of depression

that festered in every beating breath.

I did not expect the fire’s gift,

to be given an ember which returned

to life again at my touch.

The blistering winds shriek with rage

as I shelter the enigma,

aware of its fragility in this brutal world.

Dance for me little ember,

keep me safe from the beasts of the woods and the bitter cold

that threatens me.

And in return, I’ll see that your smoldering core never goes out

and that you’ll live again, rekindled by a simple spark.


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