The Love Relation


United States

Love is beautiful

Love is kind

Love does not hate

Nor does it discriminate


It takes effort to build

yet takes none to destroy

Though in its purest form

One can see

that love can be shown very easily.


Contained in a glass

with a flame that shines bright

its heat is enough

to warm both sides up

Too much and it cracks

Too little and it won't last


Yet love is

Strong when both sides are together

Persevering as they should

But love is

Weak when one starts to weather

Excuses made, often misunderstood


As They say

"Because I love you"

I take away your freedoms

"Because I love you"

I monopolize your time

"Because I love you"

Yours isn't enough

And I end up snuffing out

the flame of our love


As They say

“Because I love you”

I don’t know what to do

“Because I love you”

My love is askew

“Because I love you”

I can’t express

My feelings are dead

as I no longer rest


It’s often said,

“That you regret when you’re dead”

when there’s too much or too little

and yet nothing is said.

When on an extreme

it’s as unhealthy as it seems

But when feeling’s expressed

and we get depressed

We finally understand

that it’s just a step in a plan

that destiny made

to help us realize why we can still stay.

To stay alone or to stay together

It’s not a question of when but rather whether,

Whether one or the other truly cared

but in the end it breaks since they’re scared


Yet hope still prevails

hidden under the veil

of lies and deceit

which plague the minds with defeat


A second chance that many miss

due to their loss of endless bliss

To forgive once more and await for then

A chance to fill that glass again

with empathetic rain 

to take place of the flame

from the tears that both shed

due to what the other said

to start anew

to say “I love you”


Whether first or second

or be it multiple times

Those stacks of lies

that made many cry

Or those tempting eyes

that haven’t seen enough time


We do it for them

and they do it for us

“Because we love each other”

Our care is a must

“Because we love each other”

Our love will not rust

“Because we love each other”

We’ll live together

Tell our feelings

And love forever

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