Trapped In A Raging Flame


The flames licked her side as she laid on the ground.

Tears fell from her eyes.

She couldn't move.

Disabled rom the unforeseen fall down two flights of stairs.

She knew if she did not move she wouldn't make it.

She forced her neck to move to the right so she could view her surroundings,


Bad idea.


Bright hues of red, orange, yellow, and blue overtook what used to be the living room.

A burning sensation distracted her.

She smelled her flesh burning before she could see,

Before she could see the fire slowly crawl over her abdomen,

Before she could feel the heat slowly eating away the dress she was to wear for her wedding, 

Before she could feel every square inch of skin decomposing.

When she thought the burning sensation could not get any worse;

The pain seemed to stop.

Everything seemed to stop.

She was floating on a cloud.

There was no more pain.

No more ticking of the old grandfather clock, which has sat in the corner since she moved in.

No more dogs barking as strangers pass through the neighborhood.

No more cars passing by through the town right next to the neighborhood.

There was nothing.


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