Burns Like Words


To start a fire, you must ignite a flame.

To start bullying, you must chose a target.

You need something dry, without moisture.

You need someone weak, without confidence.

While you blow lightly on your target;

You send a glare in your target’s way.

Watch your fire grow moment by moment.

While your cruel words burn a little more day by day.

The wind catches your fire because nature isn’t on your side.

Everyone joins you because being hateful is cool.

For a moment, dimly falters the fire.

You start to wonder what you have started.

As you look up, you realize you are standing in a dry forest.

What have you started with your wicked words?

The forest is in flames.

Your victim is in tears.

There is nothing else to do but run from the flames you’ve ignited.

Who else will be hurt from the pain you have caused?

Five thousand acres burn bright and dangerous.

Your prey has taken it’s life.

It’s too late.

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