I Am New


The earth shakes

The ground splits

The heavens rumble




The waters drip

The tide ebbs

The earth erodes



I have become full

Full of earthquakes and ground splits

Full of worn rocks and erosions

Full of promises kept

Or broken like shattered ice across the frozen ground.


I have become pieces

Many pieces, fine cracks, spiderwebbing into tomorrows and yesterdays

Fractured, fragile, held by gravity and irreparable at a touch

Once healed by I love yous whispered 

Soft as gossamer, warm as light, true as day

Filling every empty space with promises that died once he held her.

Healing taken damages more than healing never given

And what was merely cracked became a myriad of shards

Deadly, sharp, splintered.


I have become sunshine

Blissful, sweet sunshine that beams from above

I shower kisses on your skin to heal every pain

Brushing color on your arms

Heat to your cheeks

Love to your soul.

I shine from every orifice

Gold glows through my skin

Heat runs through my veins

I whisper of secrets told in trees and laughs thrown to the breeze and summer.

Golden, shining, sun.


I have become story

Edited by many

Viewed by some

I have magic and kisses tucked between my pages




Left by my readers for me.

One reader took pages in her fingers and tore

Every season

Every song

Every summer

Every page containing her name


Open, ruffling, torn.


I have become flame

Hot, burning, showering out sparks and radiating heat

Singeing any too near

I crackle with life and turn enemies to ashes

It would seem that calm, small flames do not last against adversity

They cannot fight

They cannot win

They cannot conquer. 

I am made of liquid gold and ruby




Heated, burning, red.


I have become alive

Holding a gift too precious to touch

Too perfect to love enough

She breathes and the world holds its breath

At her innocence

Her smallness


She is not quite mine, given life by the woman who gave me my own 

But I must help protect her. 

The unworthy will die for their charges

Knowing they mean more than themselves.

Impossible, pure, new.


I have become earth

My ground has split in large gashes

Unwarned, unwarranted, devastating

Quick to come

A long time in healing.

My seas have rubbed against my shores






I have become pieces

I have become sunshine

I have become story



I am broken and whole and empty and full.


I am new.





This poem is about: 
My family


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