A Flicker in the Dark

Sat, 12/07/2013 - 18:08 -- 13KelHe


Answer me when I question you.

I'm tired of listening to empty wind.

Will you never tell me what's true?


I look for the answer within me

And I find none

Two empty blue eyes are all I see.


Have I no heart nor soul

No breath, no music?

Where on earth did it go?

When did I lose it?


The spark in my eyes lights again,

A flicker in the dark.

Watch, just a moment, then nothing.


The fire is there, buried deep,

Blazing on a few black coals,

Waking from a long, restless sleep.


Love, no, it was only a game.

I used you like you used me.

Both of us searching for a flame.


Finding one in each other's eyes,

Too wild, too hot to contain.


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