She Became Aflame


She Became Aflame

            Shining under starlight

            Creeping among the twilight

            Cuts and bruises, scar your heart

            Sculpted by the past


            Yet Sonorous, benevolent in soul

            Storms ride the tides of life

            Lights fade, while you stand

            Brave inside


            You reside in mind, free at peace

            When all else fails, you don’t

            Fallen you see, but determination drives you

            Love, compassion, Ambition


            Raft the currents

            Anchor down your sails

            Cause thunders a comin

            A devious eye at that


            Clutch the wood

            Batten your hull

            Take on the seas of deception

            Seek the optimum of light


            I’ll always be there

            Never alone, they watch

            Face your fears with courage

            Strike at the heart of pain


            For only shadows comin your way

            Believe in the unbelievable

            Defeat the undefeatable

            For we hold you side n side


            Ride the storm

            Like a bull, tussle it to exhaustion

            Stomp over life’s challenges

            And give a smile once it’s done


            Stronger than strong

            Brighter than bright

            Love will guide you through this night






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