Poetry about Donald Trump

Many Months Ago America Elected a President His Skin is Orange
Pres. Donald J. Trump cannot be trusted!! Pres. Donald J. Trump doesn't care about the
The New Omelas              by Lilian Ntximhlub Her
New, President New Change Donald Trump is not a Scum, he did not become a president to have some fun.
My country, ‘tis of thee Dead land of liberty. Of thee I sing; “Where is the equality?”
The thought of someone out there Believing they do not matter, Because their president says so.   
We shouldn't need  13 reasons to have a voice.   We shouldn't need 13 reasons to make a choice.  
Donald Trump plans on putting "America First." It seems like that could succeed.
  I pledge allegiance to the Racism of the United States of America,
A state divided To make America Great We need each other