Not My President

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 00:54 -- jxxh

The striking colors of sunset skin,

tears through the hearts of a burning country,

Calling women nasty,

and condeming those who do not love as he,


Start a fire burning brighter than the sun,

calling out for those who run,

run away from the problems this country creates,

by letting a dictator run the streets,

He is here to scare us all,

but we shall make sure we stand tall,

backs arched, 

voices loud,

screaming that he does not lead us,

We lead ourselves,

and no man that signs documents regaurding our bodies,

will ever be considered,

our leader,

our master,

for no sweet melody resides in the words of his speech,

the ringing of hate continues,

freedom is diminished by the fear he brings,

for we need to raise our hands,

stomp our feet,

for the only thing that shall ride upon him,

is utter defeat.

This poem is about: 
My country



Nice rhyme scheme! I liked the sound of this whole poem. Personally however, I can't relate to the feelings you express. Donald Trump has actually brought a lot of hope to me. He's a man who isn't fake, who isn't shy, and who knows and gets things done. Donald Trump isn't bringing fear to the American people; it's the popular media that defaces him and our own ignorant paranoias. Keep an eye on the truth, because following the first news article that pops up can widely mislead you.


Each of us is entitled to our own opinion on certain matters. I've done numerous amounts of research. Don't think someone is misled because they have a different opinion. 


This is lovely and well written. I really enjoyed the topic and your expression of opinions. You defenitely have gained a fan. :)


Thanks I appreciate it.

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