Poetry about Donald Trump

I cried on election night. Frozen in fear as I stared at my phone, 
America the so called great, stretching from California to New York State. Where Donald Trump holds the power,
I am from freedom. From the bursting fireworks To my religion. From where the flags wave freely
What makes America Great?Is it equality for gender and race?Is it killers always losing a case?Or healing the world to make it a better p
    TALENT  Dear America…
Let’s make America Great again is a famous line by Donald Trump,
During and after the presidential election we have all heard the president-elect Donald Trump say "Let's make America great again", but i
Our Great & Wise Leader was just so busybasking in his omnipotent all-knowingness
My doctor tells me I spend fartoo much of my waking life onThe Great Orange One & she