Poetry about Donald Trump

Sniffing, snorting, sneezing, Sick people wheezing, The children whisper,
The striking colors of sunset skin, tears through the hearts of a burning country, Calling women nasty,
I bake carrot cake I bake carrot cake for the birthdays and beyond
I love all peopleof color!! Whetherthey're black, white,yellow, or brown!!
Dedicated to the 2016 Presidential Election
President Donald J. Trump is planning on taking our Medicaid & Medicare  away from us!!  
  Sleepy the Woke Poet on this sheet niggah I stand up for what’s mines I can not take a seat niggah
I'm tired of being disabled & poor!! I'm tired of  being picked on by people!!!  
Many Months Ago America Elected a President His Skin is Orange