Poetry about Donald Trump

  Dear God Why do you let me down? I pray and pray, yet I still frown. Is it something wrong with me?
Dear Donald Trump,   I see you love America, With your Strength
Fake Or Fate?
 I refuse to be the next crazy person on the back end of your jokes I know you were talking about me but you didn't know
We live in an America where people would rather see a black man shot dead than take a knee.
Dear 7th grade English teacher,Thank you for telling me I should give up on writing
Dear Donald Trump, The world does not revolve around you. Immigrants are people too. Women are not 
I am part of a Clinton Generation And I refuse to believe that
The dark gray graphite snapped Against my freshly torn notebook paper
Dear Donald Drumpf, I don’t quite see the appeal Of a walrus wearing a toupee