The President's New Tweet

There was a foolish President by the name of Donald Trump,

Elected as a leader as the least of two great evils,

Who seldom did much else except for sitting on his rump

And post on his Twitter feed to all of the U.S. people.


One day a couple workers told him how to send a Tweet

So moving and so eloquent it would unite the states for sure.

“All differences and conflict gone, we’d all be living sweet,”

Trump fantasized as he fell into the workers’ witty lure.


No time was wasted pressing send with the workers standing near

Trump gleefully relaxed and awaited the replies.

“Inspiring and rallying, we’ve nothing left to fear!”

Rolled the text across the screen, spitting lie after lie.


Save for one young child, whom had nothing at all to feign,

Who Tweeted, “He’s just insulting China and you’re buying in again.”


This poem is about: 
My country


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