Poetry about Donald Trump

Come on downright on down now,a brand new car,deluxe washer dryerbrand spankin' new
Trump voters that is,about shady Russian ties to dark oligarchs& billion ruble deals,conflicts of interest,
Sure as heck wouldn't fall for that "Oh its my favouritebook & I keep it by my bedside
Trump has overseas businesses& assures us he has no conflictshere, there & everywhere ...  
If William Owens caught sightof the monstrous tugging at the heart strings of the Chief
Absolutely the worst thingseriously it gets no worse, is to visit Facebook News & then get 
Just seeing that dumb red hatgives me the Heebeejeebees,the Holy Camoleys,I get the Willies,
So good with the ethics,the caring, considerate, oh so compassionate Christian way of getting things done ...