Poetry about Donald Trump

My doctor tells me I spend fartoo much of my waking life onThe Great Orange One & she 
Come on downright on down now,a brand new car,deluxe washer dryerbrand spankin' new
Trump voters that is,about shady Russian ties to dark oligarchs& billion ruble deals,conflicts of interest,
Sure as heck wouldn't fall for that "Oh its my favouritebook & I keep it by my bedside
Trump has overseas businesses& assures us he has no conflictshere, there & everywhere ...  
If William Owens caught sightof the monstrous tugging at the heart strings of the Chief
Absolutely the worst thingseriously it gets no worse, is to visit Facebook News & then get 
Just seeing that dumb red hatgives me the Heebeejeebees,the Holy Camoleys,I get the Willies,