Donald Trump Screed

Mon, 06/19/2017 - 02:21 -- ts735b


how in the name of tarnation did this industrial mogul shoulder his way to become the republican nomination, and now a president botching, dragging, flubbing, hacking, jerking, lying, narrating, prattling, rattling, twerking, vamping, then xing, nonetheless tell tale tracks tack back to his alarmingly craven, extremely graven, insidiously kleptomaniac machiavellian possibly to reign with bravura, daring do, flamboyant frippery, hoary haughtiness...? donald trump screed: - fashionably late rebuttable of mine from the pop diva did shareher opinion - not the least bit flattering, thus backlash, and odious reaction from yar trumpeting rear! a commentary to the barn storming antics hie disagreeexhibited by the chic Cher, (who still sizzles freelee with salacious spark at age seventy) inviting heehaw opprobrium from this anonymous scrivenerSunny would be so glad - to reed your shared keyobjections sans donald trump - leepresumptive coifed head sans a mad day us republican wolf gang pack -  a pyrrhic n frightful fate tomb men many other voters horror struck, neeso, aye give ya bono fide plaudits Okiein my bespectacled eyes if one pritheeiconic songstress sunny fulcrum iz queto tilting this election for hill er re:i support yar righteous band wagon seeand on a whim dashed off this twee ter ring blurb so mebbe U_bee a positive force against the vainglorious contender - against all odds weas americans blind sided - and yekin hope clinton clinches whim zee. maybe not tool hate for the furies of Aeschylus tug get that utter uxorious, temper tantrum, squawking bozo - yebuffoon - yea, you bone head grilled fakir vnill, and i'll give ya till threeta renounce ur frightful winning spreeto bow out gracefully re:signing ur fate trumpeting tail feathers prithee what constitutes ur bush whacking foreign policies infantile as a tottomb me equals diddle lee squatforeign policy ranks offal as human waste filled chamber pot whereby trademark bully tactic notmore substantial than thin gruel - devoid of original bon motthus, i (in tandem with fellow americans) object jotthis rant - NOT to be ruled by paw city feigning iron fist bumping ingotconstituting signature - cut-throat fiery, incriminating moxie iz all ya gotas perceived by scant singular human - in cosmic schema - a mere dotyet less odious, the most deleterious impact my laughable poetic argot unlike yar trump petting breedto concedeabdicating donning white house by deedding inexplicable popularity (does defy and exceedexplanation - except as cult of braggadocio personality) where masses like hogs at troughs feedupon yar roaring tsunami verve - where blond waves hide greedto resort to nepotism, whence population will have lost community chance to heedwhile into mortal kombat indeedye will probably leadamerika into world war three, hence an a meaddiet, whence to me - this land of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness doth need other than apprenticed trophy wife (clad ding as beauty pageant contestant) barring egress for minorities to live in America - ja will nada grant setting pace to reverse engineer social progress strutting as imam yule tidal kantwill set stage 4 prosperity to take kamikaze nosedive, whar chaos runs rampantand rough shod o'er former fbi director james comeywho threatened yar inscrutable rant ting - as ya go cruz zine along (in yar mark coe styled bully pulp pit powered plane) whence beefed bear security detail gainedabhorrence protesters grabbed by scruff of necks with chain male gangs pressed into forced servitude - after undergoing prefrontal lobotomy on their brainsent off to erect phallic towering complex edifices in ane. from: matthew scott harrisnokia tracfone - ink hays you chews trite =215--370--8929 


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