Poetry about Donald Trump

    TALENT  Dear America…
Let’s make America Great again is a famous line by Donald Trump,
During and after the presidential election we have all heard the president-elect Donald Trump say "Let's make America great again", but i
Our Great & Wise Leader was just so busybasking in his omnipotent all-knowingness
My doctor tells me I spend fartoo much of my waking life onThe Great Orange One & she 
Come on downright on down now,a brand new car,deluxe washer dryerbrand spankin' new
Trump voters that is,about shady Russian ties to dark oligarchs& billion ruble deals,conflicts of interest,
Sure as heck wouldn't fall for that "Oh its my favouritebook & I keep it by my bedside
Trump has overseas businesses& assures us he has no conflictshere, there & everywhere ...