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Decorating her mind with the things she loved. It was her room, her sanctuary; where she hid her trust Its corner consistently gathering its dust  
I say fuck the people that so called “raised-me” Really the don’t give a fuck about me lately Should I talk it out with them? I don’t know, Maybe But in this stage it seems impossible
The Counselor with a Secret A Counselor, who specialized in marriage, With a husband who lacked much knowledge. She is middle aged and responsible,
“Isn’t it kind of funny,” her friend starts her rant sarcastically, “funny how the world works…” “Yeah, kind of funny,” she repeats as she runs the pad of her thumb
~ You don’t know my name, 
They tear you apart,
Me, Kind, Sweet, Pretty, Good dancer, Hard worker, Great friend,  Patient, Outgoing, ME.
Sweet and kind outside Still sweet inside Stll lingering is a desire for solitude Behind My Hidden Mask Passion as an artist The thirst of a scholar The pen of a writer Behind my Hidden Mask
My feet aren't touching the ground and I'm afraid of heights I'm trying to force as much weight as possible down my scorching throat Is it possible to breathe with broken glass in your lungs?
Behind this mask, No one can tell, How I play this role so well,    Behind this mask, Things you would never believe, Stuff your eyes will never conceive,
The color of my eyes are a dark brown.
There is a girl behind the curtain, A girl behind the mask. She always is uncertain of what to say or ask. She's a wonderful little spirit. She's always so alight, but although you cannot hear it,
I imagine Life after death where we all reach enteral bliss Death is scary but the only reason I accept it is because this can't be why we live I pray god made his kingdom just for us 
Chains constricted a man sporting a mask.The mask concealed his twisted Shadow.The Shadow's misery an agony: the chains.  
The memories play back in my head, over and over again I am constantly reminded of what I once was, but no longer am The thoughts dim and quite, yet realistic and vivid
I wear a mask  To hide my hate O' Child But what of your joy?
    Ominous clouds, mysterious and inviting,   I run to them, blind to their impending danger,  
I have galaxies growing inside me. I move on like light speed You are nothing more than A fleeting star blinking out.   The pain you think you caused is gone Down a black hole never to be seen again.
You are who you are
  My mind screams loud
I am me. Who am I? I am me. Unique and full of pride. Blessed with a good family. Friends that warm the heart. Pets that cuddle. No one can ask for more... Who am I. I am Happy.
They shout, we are human They shout, we are people too They shout, we love just the same as you They shout, we aren’t an accident
i am confident but im not im happy but im not i dont care but i do im shallow but im not i am one with the ocean because i dont want to be swept under
We see him, no we do not Yet we know he lies there His love for power No, he can not bear.   He tells of good fortune But never ceases to annonce the bad He also loves the power
I want to be the one to push myself and fly the distance
Everyone knows, When they speak to me... Everyone knows My story. They know, They know, Of my travels Of my sexuality Of my hopes Of my abuse Of my greatest achievements
As I look in the mirror I see someone I don't recognize. Hiding behind mascara, lipstick and eyeshadow on my eyes. The person everyone saw was dying to fit in. Little did they know the real me is hiding behind a curtain.
That girl that sits in the back of the classroom, quiet, almost as though no one knows she is there. She sits there hoping that her peers aren't judging her, anyone who passes cause her to breathe hard.
"You're as happy as a Christian should be." "Have you ever cursed?" "You actually know that song!" Just a few of the daily comments from my peers.
This crystal clear glass is meant to keep the cold from doing me harm, But it has been surrounded by the army it was supposed to abolish. Soon I will feel the effects of this storm,
Behind the Curtain, You think you know what you see
Under this mask is a very smart man, I want to be whatever I can. Owning my own business is my goal, But I need to dig out of this financial hole. I don't let people know how smart I am,
Across the plains of cracked, dry land, only a few sources of water are in sight, yet, this is home, to strength, power, and grace. She protects her young with her life, the way  any mother would.
Is it ok to be gay? Because that's all I've ever known. I tell myself I can take the jokes.
This smile. This warm embrace. This graceful, energetic look. Is merely just a show for you to see. As I'm alone in the dark room the entity seems to mock my every move. Oh, wait that entity is the real me.
I crept through the halls; head down, bones protruding from my flesh; admiring those who have not been consumed by this angst I had burning inside of me.   For years, I hid behind glasses of water
I like this mask because I can be me without the elements of society's judgemental mentality.
A sad person can make a calla happy person can hide it allI try to look to hope and seeof someone being trustworthyhard to open upbetter off closed
We see it happen  Do we do anything? Once.. twice.. thrice We see it happen
My mask is thinnest because it is not my own. I have neither created nor condoned it. It grew like ivy invasive, clutching at the walls of my lungs, spreading a sheet over my lips
I can have a week of nothing but utter angst and depression and the whole world should just die in a hole in the remotest corner of the universe but then those moments, and they're brief, never lasting more than a blissfully high day
Behind the bastion of my smile, is a boy, scared, neurotic, and trapped He speaks loud, walks tall, acts proud,
Most of the time my smiles lack real meaning. They are only there for the time being,  But even that's short living. I only sit any smile so no one can see the true feeling.
When first seen I strike fear They say I'm a trouble maker A girl with an attitude problem Hangs with wrong crowd A member of kings But they don't know me They see a quiet girl
Love, such a vague and scary thing For fear and joy is the emotion it brings I love my crooked neighbor with all my crooked heart But with fear of everything that comes together falls apart
If the world is a stage, I guess that thespians rule the world. Making you obey their every whim through kind words and a twirl. I'm certainly not shy ,and I'm as charming as can be,
you see the color of my skin and think that i am a threat. maybe because im taller, darker, and how my people were beat and treated like pets. i got black hair, brown eyes, and a decent mind set.
Doesn't it feel good to touch? To roam your fingers over skin now dead from the trampeling of feet. Color bleached by rooms abandoned by light,
Not really, It is my mask of meaniness  It is always on. (In school mostly)  I have it on for protection  For a reason of deep resentment If people saw a different mask on Oh! Here comes the trouble. 
Catch me a star and I shall catch you a story Forever hid within a wall of nothingness For who I am behind that wall of disguise Sweeter than kind and a bigger heart than gory
To my audience who never gets to see To the me who doesn't want to be Behind the curtains, behind the scenes To put on a show I know exactly the right words to say when to say it how to say it
The rain tears at the house again And I still want to let them win If these walls fall to the floor I'll run off in the lightning storm Alone at last, the sorrow ends But only if the water wins
Who is that? Behind that mask. Her mask hides her like camouflage.  
From the outside his mask was subtle,
 Smile and wave, laugh at the jokes,  If only they knew it was all a hoax.  Perfect hair, Shiny nails,
I approach the stageThere is whistling from the crowdsMen are screaming the names I've been hearing since i was 14.I smile and do as i am told.
I stand here,  staring at my own god damn reflection. A twisted distortment that my mind has created.  I can't let people see what's inside.  I can't let people see what's underneath. 
Dismal clouds consuming daylight transforming blackened sky thundering heartbeats- have never been alive
Oh Mask, my dear Mask, you hide away so they can't see
The true me is outgoing and hilarious. Some days, I think I should become a comedian, because I love to make a smile spread across someone’s face.
Perfection is a crutch Fragile to the touch Beautiful from a distance But never amounting to much I remember the crippling fear “What when I crash and burn?”
You wait your whole life for that moment when people start to listen to your ideas, They hang on to your every word as if it was their source of oxygen It is that time now, Yet no one is doing as you imagined they would
Behind the shadows of my father I hide Behind the media's comments  I hide Behind my mother's thoughts I hide Behind societies bashing I hide Behind the negativity  I hide
You always say “fake it ‘till you make it” i wish i didn’t have to fake it i work every day to please others
I hide behind the mask of So
I am a shark Ready to bite when the time is right Mess with me and you will regret it I look small and innocent But looks are deceiving And I will not be taken for a fool But behind the curtain
They say, "don't judge a boo
I don’t have a dark past that I’m ashamed of I don’t have a secret eating me from the inside out But I wear a mask. My emotions are a part of me that I can’t control when I’m alone
When you peer through the halls and watch me pass by, You think you know exactly what goes through my mind.  When you smile at me, I may grin back,  But you don't see what lies behind my mask.  
I am invisible.
a sweet smile what most people see is a fragile girl someone that can be fooled and needs to be handled delicately but that innocent smile is a curtain that hides the stage behind it
I Am Not Who I Am. By: Reid Davis The day is full of masked faces and fake smiles Being decepted for miles and miles But when the light dissapears And we're safe in our beds
During act one, what do you learn? Is it the setting and maybe the time period? What about the characters? What do you learn about them? Names, ages, traits, and characteristics?
I am Ayrianna I am uniquely unprecedented I am beautiful and I am proud I am bold and intelligent
It's 6:48 p.m., and I am everything.
"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." Easy said and easy done.  Anxiety hides my personality in the clouds away from the sun. The mask shields me from danger.  Away from the glaring eyes of strangers
She steps out the door and puts on her mask looking at the land, open and vast once she steps into school she tries to be who they want her to be but will she ever be able to be the real girl she can be  
  Mask my Emotion, concealed with such devotion Don’t let them see me sweat, conceal all my commotion.
I don’t want to go back to that dark place – No, I will not go to that dark place anymore. I had been tempted - No, raped – By the White Devil And I swore I would never return.
I hide I try
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