Mon, 09/15/2014 - 17:42 -- Kiomay

To my audience who never gets to see

To the me who doesn't want to be

Behind the curtains, behind the scenes

To put on a show

I know exactly the right words to say

when to say it

how to say it

Rehearsed for the silver screen.

"Be nice.

Be polite.

Life is an amazing thing.

Be positive.

Be great.

Be true and honest to yourself.

Don't give up, life is worth the living."

But I know this isn't how I really am.

Deep down inside life is cruel and full of lies.

Waiting, haunting in disguise.

The darkness in me needs some light.

Light, it's out there, out side the curtains. Out there where I'm performing for the rest of you. And thus, when I'm out there, when I'm out here. I'm performing. "Life is bright, it's beautiful. Stay positive. It'll be alright. I'm okay."





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