Act 1

During act one, what do you learn?

Is it the setting and maybe the time period?

What about the characters? What do you learn about them?

Names, ages, traits, and characteristics?

I wonder, are all those things true?


During act one, do you believe everything you learn about them?

Do you connect to some?

And dislike others?



During act one, what if the real characters were behind the curtain?

Why are they hiding?

Why don’t they show themselves, during act one?


During act one the characters are testing you

I am testing you, testing your reactions, your response

To the fake me.

Do you connect to the pretty girl?

What about the quite girl?

What if neither exist?


During act one, the understudy shines, while the real star watches

Waiting in the wings to see if you’ll stick around for the rest of the show

Act two might surprise you.

What if the pretty girl is actually the smart girl?

And the quite one, the wild one?


During act one, you don’t meet the real character

So will you watch past act one?



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