Mind Vs. Man


Decorating her mind with the things she loved.

It was her room, her sanctuary; where she hid her trust

Its corner consistently gathering its dust


She laid in her mind; searching for time.

She chiseled her mined; and lost the time to unwind

The tapes in her head became tighter and tighter.

Her sanctuary, her safe began to blight her.

She attempted to run from her room, but that was her home.

So she chained herself to picture frames to feel like she wasn’t alone

If only she let her thoughts go placid she could roam.


She peeked through curtains out of concern

The more she learned, the more she burned

So she pretended to not know the cruelty of the world

And soon she became just a normal little girl


Taking down old posters, and replacing them with holsters.

The world once a wonderland now a gruesome battlefield.

Any unarmed mind will be killed

No one wanted the dreamer

She was slowly being distilled


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