Kim Kardashian Lost Weight; Now You Can Too!

I crept through the halls;

head down, bones protruding from my flesh;

admiring those who have not been consumed

by this angst I had burning inside of me.


For years,

I hid behind glasses of water

and empty plates.

Locked in my cell:

I tortured myself

by constantly looking at images of what I’d never be.


Society implanted in my head

the idea of body image.

What was beautiful?


What was I?

Not society’s version of skinny.


I tried my hardest

to become the girl society would appreciate.

That was, until, I decided I couldn’t do this anymore.

It was time to say

Fuck society and their idea of my body.


Who are they to tell me I’m not beautiful?

Who are they to set the standards for females?

Who are they to cause so much pain?

They are nothing.

They have no control over us.


Now I stand,

head held high,

genuine smile on my face,

with nothing but positive vibes surrounding me.

No thanks to society, of course.


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