Mon, 09/08/2014 - 16:35 -- spesick

They say, "don't judge a book by its cover"

but the cover is what catches our eye

it draws us in and makes us want to look further

however, the pages are what really matters

full of ideas,

words that make sentances,

and sentances that make up the book,

yet, the pages still hide behind its cover.

When I was young, I hid behind my parents,

as I grew up, I have begun to hide behind my passions.

My passions of fashion and music help me get through the day,

they shed some light on the harsh reality of everyday life,

they bring me closer to those who are willing to look behind the curtain, my protective gear

my clothes

my clothes are my curtain

they are my way of expressing myself,

without having to say anything out loud.

my clothes are my cover, literally and figuratively,

there is more than just skin underneath the clothes,

there is more to me than what I wear.

There is more to a city than all of its buildings,

if you stop for a minute and take away all of the skyscrapers

it is not as great as you imaged, it is better,  

the buildings and the city are just there to bring people together,

without the people the buildings would be nothing,

without the person the clothes would be nothing,

without the pages the book would be nothing.


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