To Be Understood


When you peer through the halls and watch me pass by,

You think you know exactly what goes through my mind. 

When you smile at me, I may grin back, 

But you don't see what lies behind my mask.


You think you know me well and that I'm like an open book, 

But you really can't know everything by just a simple look.

You see me as a person, who is quiet and smart,

With minimal problems and a peaceful heart. 


You think that when I'm angry, it's best to give me space.

Some believe I am unhappy when they see my face each day. 

You always think I'm deep in thought and leave me on my own,

But truthfully, I never really want to be alone. 


I crave to have attention and people at my side. 

I wish I was surrounded by friends all of the time.

Constantly, I doubt myself in fear of being judged, because

I'm scarred from the experience of not being good enough.


I fear all the opinions that people have of me

and I'm always afraid of the way that I am seen.

I hide myself because my timid nature holds me back

From showing the whole world just exactly who I am.


I am a human with feelings, just like you,

With flaws and regrets I can never undo.

And as much as I hope to be noticed out there,

I'll honestly state that I'm hesitant and scared.


If the world could see me for things that weren't bad,

Then truly, I'd be happy with showing who I am.

If I could speak my thoughts without being spoken down,

Perhaps the inner me is something I'd have already found.


If the world was understanding then I wouldn't be afraid

To expose my personality and set opinions straight.

None of us are really sure in whom we claim to be,

Until we push away the curtain and set our true selves free.

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