Ba Noi

I imagine Life after death where we all reach enteral bliss

Death is scary but the only reason I accept it is because this can't be why we live

I pray god made his kingdom just for us 

spirts run amuck I might be caught up in the rush

But I thank god my grandma might be in better place

Better Place where evevrybody shows their face and isn't fake

My generation is shallow and skin deep

All people like this I don't know if it can be

We smoke weed but the first reason I can see

Is that they di it to hide he fact that society won't let me be me

I face hours and hours reaching that conlusion

The mask are fake but we can put up our own Illusions 

Because no ones real, we're all the copies of those who we admire

Death truly reaches me when I wanna stop and I'm tired


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