I say fuck the people that so called “raised-me”

Really the don’t give a fuck about me lately

Should I talk it out with them? I don’t know, Maybe

But in this stage it seems impossible

Since all my opinions are blocked by the obstacles

Of who I once was the past

While I’ve changed they only see who I was last

The introvert dork that was ignored

And that people were surprised that I swore

Really, surprised! Yeah I can talk too!

I can hear every God-dam thing ya said

I might not be able to read lips but I can kick ya in the head

People can’t cope with the fact of who I was once I kicked in the back

Of my memoires and blocked it out

They say I’m forgetful, well bitch it’s for a reason!

I don’t wanna relive those harsh moments

Where the whole fucking world was my opponent

I left the shitter for the better of my self

If I didn’t it’d be where I dealt

Have I changed tremendously, hell yeah

Just the people out back don’t see it

And sure as hell don’t want to believe it

But change is the key to survival

It’s what you gotta to do to be an idol

And go ahead and break the cycle

Of losing, while it may happen

You get back up and do it again

The one that knows you best is the man in the mirror

So have no fear, what he says is crystal clear

Don’t listen to the world don’t take advice

People just say it to be nice

And make boundaries for the better of themselves

They don’t wanna be proved wrong but wanna be seen strong

The only strong one is you, you get back up and take it like dude

While they only see what I was

That’s what they assume, ‘cause

They don’t understand what I am

All the things that I can

Function to be a better man

And that I will reprimand

Though they do know where I’m from

All they see is the kid that’s dumb

But will go numb when they’ve seen what I’ve become!

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