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From the outside his mask was subtle,

A form nurtured with simplicity.

His smile was soft,

Combined with a laughter, triggered, with which required no effort.

From the inside however... he bore a cage. 

Barred with a thick sheet of steel, intricately locked in chains.

Behind the layer, it pulsed.

It convulsed with his emotions.

It contained his good attributes and flaws...

His dreams and hopes...

And helpless wishes that were left stranded.

It wove together inside the cage, creating a fragile entity,

Easily pierced and stained.

The plate slowly grew firm.


With a shape, gruesome and concrete.


In due time, the metal rusted as it was showered with tenderness and grace.

The dense metal creaked and cringed

As the holes formed, Slowly growing,

Tearing down the once magnificent encasing.

The fabric that was previously molded in darkness was shown a glint of light.

It slowly stumbled onto the rich radiant, bathed in its warmth and welcomed it.

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