The Counselor with a Secret

The Counselor with a Secret

A Counselor, who specialized in marriage,

With a husband who lacked much knowledge.

She is middle aged and responsible,

The way she fixes marriages, it’s phenomenal.

5          Straight hair, well-dressed and lean,

Her appearance is very sophisticated and clean.

Glasses and curled hair with a tight skirt,

When she is with other men she is quite the flirt.

            Her two kids love their mom, whom they see as a well-rounded human-being,

10        When not at home she looks around for men, which she calls sightseeing.

            When the night comes she tucks the kids into bed,

            While they are completely unaware of the devious thoughts in her head.

            Usually making her husband happy and proud,

            He knew that would last forever when they vowed.

15        She always seemed so happy and joyful,

            When she is asked about her marriage, she gets very boastful.

            Seen as loyal and trustworthy, yet her past involves much more,

            Evil and deceitful down to the core.

            As a teenager she went through school with such a breeze,

20        Always having the talent of getting boys, not with difficulty, but with ease.

Fixing relationships kindly and patiently,

That does not mean her own is done so faithfully.

What her husband thinks is working overtime,

Little does he know, she is actually committing a relationship crime.

25        Her favorite color is red in case you did not know,

With is also being the polish color painted on her fingers and toe.

            She tells her clients that her family is happy and well,

Confessing about her other side is something she will never tell.

Her actions are never done with fear,

30        As she has been doing this for about a year.

Her husband is blind and not to blame,

She is the one who thinks marriage is a game.

She says that marriage is about love not attitude,

And when the couples leave there, they have obtained much gratitude.

35        Keeping others relationships happy and solid,

That is the only area in which she is stolid.

Continuously being a woman of lechery,

Having affairs with lots of men is the main form of treachery.

Short skirt, curly hair, and heels,

40        Cheating on her husband because that is just what she feels.

            Cheating on your spouse is not quite analytical,

            But it is worse if you are a marriage counselor, and it is extremely hypocritical.

            Since she likes to pick up men off of the street,

            She no longer deserves a man who will sweep her off her feet.

45        Instead of learning when enough is enough,

She would rather live her life telling a bluff.

A woman who took advantage of her bust,

Giving men the feeling of desire and lust.

Walking out of work with not a care in the world,

50        She shuts off the lights and fluffs her hair that is curled.


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