Mis-Education of a Black Man

you see the color of my skin and think that i am a threat.

maybe because im taller, darker, and how my people were beat and treated like pets.

i got black hair, brown eyes, and a decent mind set.

but they dont look at me in that way, they look at me as a criminal suspect.

i dont stress the simple and minor things, because my light will shine brighter than a wedding ring.

im not from the black , red , and green

but i know every story from then to now and in between

it may seem like im being shallow or ignorant

but where were these thoughts when i was discriminated?

im not here to hold a grudge

but just like a life im ready to pull the plug.

im from philadelphia pennsylvania to be exact 

where nobodies safe because they carry guns in they back pack.

drugs and violence will always touch my name

even when im drinking soda they think im doing cocaine

but ive transgressed and moved pass

from the hurt when my brother was turned into grass

they beat us up and tried to tear us down

why wouldnt they want us to make a sound?

is it because we're smarter or a little bit brighter

even though our skin is darker but my words are lighter

i dont tend to argue and i dont tend to fight 

because what is fighting a cat with a dog when a dog has a bigger bite?

i tend to be a biologist or maybe later a life coach

no one can step on my dream squish it like a roach

so listen to the words that i wrote carefully 

all the things the lies they've told us, i will not take seriously.

can you feel it in the air the essence of success

my chocolate skin is too thick and too hard to digest 

i pay homage to those that fought

MLK , Rosa Parks, in the Civil Rights March

why fight when whites can be our friend

i think its the past that got everyone so bent.


-Talee Bey 

-Slam behind the curtain


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