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Because I have patience in You, I know what it takes for to get You back. With time, practice & a chance, I show You... You see?
Hearts disasters stream heights of burning words, Cutting deeper than lethal weaponry; length and depth mined letters
If you're writing about girlsYou're talking about gorgeous pearlsHappy love is in the air. If you're dreaming being in heavenThis time of the year, you need no reasonTo yearn being in love. If you're hearing melodious musicYou must be feeling very
I promise I’m not broken, I just look this way Because of the pieces I gave away To fix the broken in someone else   But when something is no longer broken They no longer need the one who fixes
everlasting  never ending hearts in love forever blending 
Bleeding hearts like broken glass The only thing left to remember the past Dripping down sidewalks like silicone tears A face made of plastic to hide all your fears  
Love is everywhere It hides in coffee cups Stained with two lipstick colors Stows away in the trunk During car rides home Creeps up to your ear
Simple smiles restore joy in perhaps even the barest of hearts.
Light-Up the way for me, I'm scared of the dark. Illuminate the blackest road, with the brightest spark. Light-Up my mind,
How strange That hands so gentle could touch with such fury And damage so intensely. How strange That hands so rough could touch the hearts of so many SO tenderly. How strange 
Our hearts are wild creatures, perhaps that is why our ribs are cages; I think not. For they are the silly crazy foolish little things that go about slipping and sliding, and more dangerously, falling in the dark.
The weight of the world, a weight on the shouldershealed with the bonds of the hearts and their holders   Busy the world, the hassle it can bestill standing side by side the holders that see  
I might be young but I'm in love. You cuddle me with your eyes,  and make sure I'm alright. I know your the one because your like none. we are in love.
Bless your heart my love,Blessed your heart you confused human,You simply complex human,You beautifully surviving human,You, and your sweet heart,Your perplexed, torn apart heart of yours,
Healing the Heart By: Burgundee Pannell   When I feel low Full of great sorrow and woe I am in need of music to flow Through my fretful body From my itty-bitty toes
Windows down Engine's going Music drowns the sounds of the roadside roaring Leaving town Songs are flowing Music drowns the sounds of those left snoring Melodic cloud Alive and soaring
I found that key you left for me Next to that treasure chest And im honored that you would Trust me with it Your hands were sweating and Your hair was sticking up all Over your head Your
Arms reaching for camaraderie   Fingers intertwining in wooden harmony   Hugs paper-thin mutually caressing   Weathered hearts
Soon she will march in through that door, And my head will be struck by the abrupt reminder, A painful thunderbolt reminding me of our repulsive love, The sight of her prompts the formation of indescribable feelings in me.
All I need is a hand to hold. Teach me how to be bold I do not need to be told,  I need to be shown not by diagrams and charts  but by the careing of someones heart. 
All I Need by Melia Candelaria Your lips, your eyes the way you smile at me when we brush fingertips in the store as we stroll through the aisles as though there is some secret that only I can understand.   The way your hair falls over your eyes i
It seems like broken hearts are the norm in this generation! What happened to the good old days where you didn't have you worry about who else he/she was talking to, Where you knew that you were the only one they were talking to, Why can't we just
Do you understand what feelings are? And that other people get them too? Do you know we all have battle scars Proof of all that we've been through?   Do you know that live hearts do care?
When you grow up you realize the heart comes with a burdenYou will see it now how blind it was back thenThe responsibility to have your heart can only be taken on by one
They wonder why they cry
If my heart were a train I wouldn't call her Thomas Thomas was plucky and steady And she feels like the shakiest thing about me. If I'm lucky She's on the tracks this week
Love. One word. That has so much meaning and power behind it. I mean, I’m not even sure I know the value  of it is anymore. I thought I did.
In a dusty
Water runs so slow Patiently cutting a path I am unstoppable
Concrete blocks on the sidewalk A bounce in every step A beam for each passing face A passion firing to every heart A simplistic reminder
First Both of our hearts shattered Yours in a firework, mine in a void As we bent to gather your pieces I could feel mine crumbling   Then I tried to bind your heart together
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
They said to keep it be
I loved her more than she ever knew Went so far I didn’t know what to do It was above and beyond how much I cared So amazing the times we shared I must confess
Two hearts, twelve years apart. He longs to be with her. She is broken over a lost lover. He is her shoulder to cry on, As he hopes for more. She longs to feel ok, As she hopes for love to reunite.
  Many things demand solutions. Our First World problems, like Pollution. National debt. Unemployment. Animal abuse. Student loan payments.   I understand – hopefully you do too –
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
(2/14/14 1:40 P.M)  
The ability to change the world is greater than I can imagine What would I change is a great question Would it be to creat world peace, or take away crime? Or would it be more complex, like slowing down time?
I shall not shed a tear when your heart leaves mine I shall not show the fear inside I shall not miss your touch I shall not miss your warmth near I shall not miss your lips upon mine
You don’t want to invest the timeTime is nothing, you lieEverything was beautifulRoses in the garden,Cloudless skiesBut the raging clouds kept coming from your eyesOn that day,
 They say that we can be lovers, but not just friends.
Three broken hearts all in one day, But my love for you still stays. We are silenced in the depths of darkness. I pray that someday the barrier will be broken For us to be away from the farthest of fears,
Body Language With the strut of the Wind, The boundless flow of time. Our minds tend to flutter, With an undying chime.   Speaking through tocs and tics Vision scattered,
Why would I want To be the face That launched a Thousand ships When I can be the Words that restart A million hearts?
There were times when I hungered for what you had.When I begged for you to see me.when it was not my mouth that cried, but my heart.When my spirit bore into yours, and kept a place there,like a hook in your side.  But you, a haughty man.
There’s this dream growing inside me and it’s taking over my heart. And it’s more than 15 minutes of fame, or the dream of a better start. There’s this growing need emerging to be more than what I am.
They loved on a deathbed. Rather,their love was that of a deathbed love.
Once upon a star we jumped in love While intertwining our hearts desires Lovers together defining dependence Keeping in time with destiny Dreams pull apart the future Passion prolongs fate near my soul
Upon your return I shall wait. The deepest parts of my Confused heart become Your sanctuary. Shall I continue this journey Towards horizons yet unknown? This eternal heart
Hearts are just one big puzzle, They are easily broken, But they can be fixed, Some pieces won't fit, Because there simply incompatible, With enough patience, And the right touch,
To see the one I love, happy, means the world to me Even if that means I've got to set him free I love him But he loves someone else
I will never fall in love for fear of a constantly harrowed heart
Oh! Trials! Tribulations And terror in losing Love in a race against Anyone who's ever Loved you; I loved You first, as much As I do, at least.
Caring eyes Gentle face Indistinguishable of any race Always trying Always prying for the truth Confidant and lover Wonderful and serene We obsess together about all that is green
She sighed in despair after an anxious await For a phone call from her latest mistake. Rejected again for a night with the guys She sits home alone and puts up with his lies.
Shapes and shadows in the night, When the darkness is chased away by light. A silhouette of two lovers walking down the street. Lit by the guiding lamps, that illuminate there way.
I try to be what other's want me to be, I try to see the good in the negativity around me, no matter what the cost. No matter what i may feel. But the more i try, the more i feel vacant.
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