All the Hearts in Me

Life was never meant to be perfect

people were meant to break your hearts

I speak in plural when I say hearts

because we have many more than one


If every time we were shot down

how would we revive?

No, thats not how it works

a new heart comes alive!


A heart for every dart someone threw straight through your core

A heart for every time a word was said with uncertain horror

A heart for every time the one you hold dear, tore you apart

A heart for safe keeping for a fresh new start


If just one heart could survive all the blows

then you must be strong for your being to uphold

such ferocity and such pain

for one tiny little heart to obtain


Thats why we have shelves fully stocked

if bandages don’t work or if the key won’t unlock

just take one out and start anew

fresh as a daisy deep in the dew


I trust in you that you make the right choice

but i’ll tell you now to use that voice

cuz you won’t get anywhere if you don’t tell

show yourself to the world, break that unbearable shell


Take out a new heart and put the other aside

or smash it with rocks and let it collide

who cares if the world looks at you all wrong

show them your new heart, show them you’re strong

This poem is about: 
Our world


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