They said to keep it beating.
They forgot to tell me why.
Or maybe they told me,
But their words were drowned out by the pain.
"Keep it beating!" They shouted.
That was all I knew.
As far as I could tell, it was broken, useless, and empty,
But I kept it beating.
"It isn't good for anything anymore," I said,
"But I guess I'll keep it beating."
Then I found another one
And it's beating matched with mine,
And I wanted it,
But mine was scared,
But I kept it beating.
And then one day
The other whispered to mine
"Keep beating."
And suddenly, it knew why,
And it wasn't work to keep it beating.
Thanks to the whisper among the shouting,
It had a reason,
So it just kept beating on it's own,
In sync with the beating of the other.
And it isn't broken, useless, or empty
It is healing, loving, and full,
And I will never choose to stop the beating.


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