The ability to change the world is greater than I can imagine

What would I change is a great question

Would it be to creat world peace, or take away crime?

Or would it be more complex, like slowing down time?

All of these ideas are great and something the world needs

But what I would do, is far more imporant to me

If given the ability to change one thing in the world

I would make everyone equal, all boys and girls

No one would be allowed to treat others as inferior

And no one would think they are smarter or better

I do not like to see others feel put down, or put to shame

I think everyone should understand that we are all the same

Nothing defines anyone as more important, 

Not money, race, skin color, where they live, and if they buy or rent

I believe that everyone is equal and we are all human

No one is better and all sin is still sin

If the world could understand and accept,

That we are all equal and never forget, 

Your heart defines who you are, and that is something everyone has.


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