Some Hearts

I try to be what other's want me to be,
I try to see the good in the negativity around me,
no matter what the cost.
No matter what i may feel.
But the more i try, the more i feel vacant.
I try to make them love me,
so i can feel whole again,
but every time i allow myself to see the goodness in them,
they find a way to make me feel insignificant,
and inferior.
I gravitate to the negative things people say, and i believe them,
no matter how much i want to believe the positive.
so i close my self to everyone
to be emotionless.
The more i am confronted with my feelings
and how much i want to be loved,
the more i cry.
Even if i wipe away the tears secretly, i still fell vacant,
and that makes me cry with pain.
But recently i have discovered that some hearts can be broken
many times and still be forgiving.


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