Entangled Flames


(Art created by Danielle Hardy)

As I sit here and stare, 
my eyes holding the loving glare 
filling with the tides of the oceans 
rivers flowing down my face 

How was I to know this was not a dare? 
The truth was, how could you loving me be fair? 
I felt as if I were not good enough for you 
and you were too good for me 

Yet you hold that gorgeous rock within your hand 
asking me if I would become your bride 
if I could walk forever by your side 
all I can say is it was about time

Your arms wrapped around in a comforting hold
Your smile gleaming, as you say I'm bold
It's your personality that had be sold...
You're nothing but my one true gold..

Once I called you my devil..
But in reality I had been dead wrong..
You made my personal hell my own little haven...
My beautiful utopia, where the grass caressed me
Where I never wanted to leave...
You were always my beautiful angel..

So glorious from the heaven and stars above
God sent you down to make me strong..
All I can do now, is sing my song..
You'll forever be mine.. and I'll never go insane...

You're my angel from above..
I wish for you to keep my undying love..
Remember you'll always have me..
and I'll always be there for you.  

My now personal angel
I love you forever..

From your loving dove
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